Hi there! I’m a fountain pen enthusiast and an aspiring calligrapher/poet. I decided to do this blog to possibly upload pen/ink reviews or just my own style of calligraphy. You can see some of my calligraphy on Instagram!


Poetry performances


I am a college freshman¬†going to UCSB as an English major. I got into fountain pens my junior year in high school. I was given my first Pilot Metropolitan in a Medium nib by my role model / Speech and Debate coach and I fell in love with fountain pens ever since. I got into calligraphy after acquiring more pens because my handwriting was just an eyesore. My mindset was something like: “Hm if I have nice pens, I might as well have nice writing.” My Speech and Debate coach also does calligraphy so I guess it made sense I followed the same path haha. My hobbies are poetry, calligraphy, public speaking, reading, gaming, and sleeping. This year I’m actually making the effort in posting my new poetry online. I don’t think I’ll post my older ones because my style has changed over the years.

I personally believe that people should leave a positive impact on the world. In the future, I hope to become a high school English teacher and a Speech and Debate coach in order to carry this philosophy. If I can’t change the world drastically, I can at least connect with those around me and give back to the community I grew up in.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!




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